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Envío gratis a Rusia
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  • - Pulsera chapada en oro rosa hecha con cristales;
    - Envoltorio de regalo;
    - Tarjeta de felicitación.
  • Available for next-day delivery in Moscow and Moscow region.

    This item is shipped from Moscow to other cities in Russia. Delivery outside of Moscow takes up to 4-9 business days. For all deliveries outside of Russia, please use the checkbox to pay the postal fee in the amount of $30 USD.
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Tenga en cuenta: Este producto está disponible para su envío a cualquier ubicación en Rusia, Ucrania, Bielorrusia, Kazajstán, Kirguistán y Armenia y se envía desde Moscú. La entrega fuera de Moscú tarda de 4 a 9 días hábiles. Para todas las entregas fuera de Rusia, utilice la casilla de verificación que se encuentra a continuación para pagar la tarifa postal por un monto de $30.

Tarifa de envío para entregas fuera de Rusia:
$ 30.00 30
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Amazing service the kept me up to date every step of the journey. As soon as there was a problem ie. Wrong address and wrong contact number, they gotin touch with me to resolve it. They couldn't find the address the first time and no one answered their call, so they asked for more help from me and i just sent a photo of the building door and explained the situation of the building. Next thing i know the flowers were delivered within the hour. Great service, will use them again.

Testimonio de Lestyn Evan Lewis - (Denbighshire, UK)
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The best experience and quality of customer service Congratulations RussianFlora with a fast delivery service the best experience for sending flowers to Russia.

Testimonio de Claudia Ramirez - (Nuevo Leon, Mexico)
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